Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Edp 100ml 3.4 Fl.oz Luxury Chanel Giftwrap +carrier Bag

$ 97

I live in & ship from Spain & please ignore ebays unrealistic delivery times, in reality they are: 7-13 days europe, 2 weeks minimum rest of world CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum 100ml 3.4 fl.ozFresh-oriental. A unique blend of intense freshness and lightness. A light, fresh, sophisticated fragrance for a sexy and captivating woman.This will make a gorgeous gift in untouched sealed condition to include my full luxury Chanel giftwrap, glossy Chanel paper, finished of with ribbon tied into a sassy bow, popped into a luxury Chanel giftbag & with an added Chanel sample, she will never know this came from ebay ......... A note on fake Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum If your box differs in ANY way to the details I have pointed below below it is fake, & I mean 100% counterfeit, dont take any rubbish off the seller, ie; it is a US, Japanese or came from Mars version,it is fake ...Oh, & the 100ml box measures 11.8cmx7.4cmx3.7cm A. All the print is set smack bang centre onto the box, & the COCO & the CHANEL letters are slghtly raised, many counterfeiters have the raised element, but often the black print on top of this raised area will be ever so slighty off & IMPORTANTLY Chanel print the black ink AFTER I REPEAT after the box has been painted this pearlised pale beige so this black print is glossy, the fakers try to spray this pearlised finish onto the box AFTER the black print so then ther is a fine pearlised finish to the black ink, SO, if the black print is pearlised, (& can ve seen with a magnifying glass) it is 100% fake. If you were to draw a horizontal line exactly halfway down the box (& I mean EXACTLY halfway) it would dissect the small PARIS or sit just above it, so if your print is not centered around this invisible line your box & bottle are fake..B. The gorgeous creamy box is somewhat pearlised it is NOT I repeat NOT a flat characterless or shiney beige & the cardboard has a very subtle parchment textureC. The golden top flap has a satin look to it, again, this is NOT a bright or shiny gold, the CC logo to the centre is raised, so when you lift the flap the logo is embossed from underneath..D. The inside liner to the box has just visible diagonal lines, this is thanks to a fine layer of corrugated card being sandwiched between two finer layers.The bottle has a translucent pearlised not-quite-white rectangular plaque acid etched ON TO the bottle, rub the ball of your thumb over this & you will actually hear it as gives the same sound as if you were to rub frosted glass, I repeat, this is ACID ETCHED & can not be removed, every fake bottle I have seen has had this sprayed onto the bottle, the fakes I see on ebay inveriable have damage or scratch marks to this areaThis plaque measures EXACTLY 3.5cm deep by 3.1cm wide & the narrow bright golden glossy border is a mere .2mm wide, IMPORTANTLY the print in this rectangle is NOT print, it has been etched into the glass & you can actually see the grain of the glass within the print if looked at with a magnifying glass.Note how fine the straw inside the bottle is, it looks barely thicker than a hair, & has a gentle curve running straight to one corner, any straw thicker than those seen in my photos, with a severe curl to the straw, (caused because when faked bottle is forced closed with too long a straw) or with the straw not gently resting on the inside corner is fake ....The cap is gorgeous, it immaculate heavyweight plastic with no visible seams & designed to emulate frosted glass, importantly the classic Chanel logoed band around the neck has NO I REPEAT NO join at the back, & is made of the exact same pearlised paint that covers the box, highlighted with .1mm wide parallel glossy gold edging, so if there is a join or if it is a non pearlised band around the neck it is fake ESPAƑOL 100% Authentic EN CAJA El unico en ebay Espana tamano 100ml

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