Harley Wla Xa Machine Gun Scabbard Wwii Thompson Tommy Gun Gpa Jeep Milsco 1942

$ 300

European (Netherlands) reproduction of the machine gun scabbard used on Harley-Davidson WLA and XA models during WWII. Also used on Indian Scout 641 and 741 Twin models as well as GPA or Jeep models. I’ve tried to upload enough photos for you to make an educated purchase. I’m sure there are minor details a judge could pick apart, if that’s important to you, then buy a known OEM original and expect to pay 4 or 5 times what the price of this is or to rehab a totally crapped out piece of dried out leather. I have a limited number of these available. Do note, there will be marks here and there in the leather, as shown. The gun barrel area is boxed in and protected as original. Also note it is stamped with the Milwaukee (Milsco) Saddlery Company hallmark and “1942”. Stitching is robust and matches up with original quite well. Leather is thick saddle quality leather. Do your research. Yes, you can buy other scabbards with free shipping for less than $100. Ask yourself if that’s the quality of the rest of your WWII restoration. Other repros don’t have the authentic Milwaukee Saddlery stamping either. These are such a great reproduction, those in the know won’t buy any scabbard reputed to be NOS as many of those are these very reproductions. Buy with confidence, we do offer a 14 day return policy. PLEASE NOTE: When its practical, I will gladly combine all your purchases into one shipment for a discounted rate. I do offer just this as a combo purchase with the machine gun scabbard bracket and as a deluxe kit with the ammo can and mount and all hardware as well so you can save on shipping when buying all parts. A note on shipping: Please understand sellers on eBay do not set the shipping rates. Please also understand that sellers are charged a final value fee on the amount of shipping you are charged over and above the fees they pay on the sale and the Paypal transaction. In addition to that, sellers have the expense of labels, shipping materials, padded mailers, etc. I do charge a handling fee on some items, but I also offer several shipping options whenever possible to give you more affordable shipping choices. If you ever think the shipping fee charged is too high, please let me know before leaving a low rating on shipping charges. It’s rare that I receive such feedback, but I work hard to keep my customers happy. I’d rather know if someone is unhappy before they leave a low rating. That’s the only way I can solve a problem. I don’t ever want a customer to go away unhappy! Know who you are buying from! We are not a drop-ship operation, each and every part we sell is carefully inspected to assure you get the quality part described in the listing. We have a no-hassle return policy, and we stand behind the parts we sell because we know what we are selling and shipping to our customers. Before you make a purchasing decision compare our feedback vs. others.

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