Israeli Gas Mask With New Military Nbc Nato 40 Mm Filter

$ 30

Israeli MilitaryCivilian Surplus Adult Gas Mask-Disaster bug out gear. PRICED RIGHT!Plexiglass eyesRubber maskAdjustable head strapsScrew-on filter. Enjoy this great military collectible.Condition: brand new, army surplus, never issued. *** COMES WITH BRAND NEW UNUSED NATO NBC 40 MM FILTER ***New Israeli Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Gas MaskBe prepared! New as in never worn, quality gas mask.Excellent condition - Highly adjustable size includes a comfortable and secure five head strap system. Fits ages twelve and up. One of the best if not the best gas mask available. Israeli Government issued and NATO ApprovedThe filter is a NATO standard 40mm NBC, and safeguards against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Agents. The 40mm filter replacements are easily available and last up to 8 hours depending on level of contamination.

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