Newest Generation First Responders Scott Gas Mask W 40mm Nato Filter Preppers

$ 179

You are bidding BRAND NEW and functional, newest generation in the world First Responders Respirator gas mask made by US company Scott due to contract with british Ministry of Defense. Design based on british military GSR(General Service Respirator) mask but has regular 40mm threaded filter connectors to use with the most common in the world 40MM NATO standard. After exhale module replace with fixed positive exhale module it can be also used same like Avons M53 mask in configuration with positive pressure SCBA apparatus. Mask will be perfect for military and prepping purpose as its guarantee the highest level of CBRN protection. Make Your family safe! Price of this mask in producer shop is over 500 dollars! The material that facepiece is created from, gives the highest level of protection for up to 36 hours against all known chemical agents even sarin, tabun or VX and newer generations that are not well known yet in the public. Incorporated front voice diaphragm gives us better voice projection. It has drinking device that is compatible with british army canteens with NBC cap, but when adapters are used it can be connected with any hydration systems(if You want that modification please PM me). This mask meets the heat and flame resistance standards of EN 136. Low breathing resistances significantly lower than industry norms. Manufactured from chemical hard materials that have proven comfort characteristics for 24 hour wearing. Harness designed to integrate with hoods and helmets and offer maximum mask stability. EXHALATION VALVE Twin exhalation valves provide a clean ‘airlock’ to ensure leak tight exhalation and low resistance. Flexible, hard coated lens featuring minimal haze and light transmission providing a wide field of view and impact protection in excess of EN166, Class 1 requirements. Modular construction permits simple maintenance with minimal tool requirement. Locking harness buckles ensure consistent donning, maintaining fit test performance. Face seal, self regulating twin primary seals provide increased protection and comfort for long duration wearing. Built in features enable simple mask suit integrationFilter can be mounted on each side or just on left or right when other side is plugged, they are perfect for shooting, visor of mask gives wide field of vision and is compatible with any sighting equipment or optical devices like binoculars and night vision. Its shape gives perfect fit with every modern combat kevlar helmet like british Mk7 or FAST and Advanced Combat Helmet, but also older PASGT and other headgear. C420 PAPR blower with hose showned on one pic isnt part of kit and its avaiable on my other auction. You are bidding kit that includes:-brand new protective mask facepiece in size marked 4 but fits my average male head 58cm size :-) and due to adjustable harness it will fit also small teenager and female facer size 53-54-faceform for storing-training filter-headset microphone mount-harness tabs to personalize harness size to yourself :-) LAST FOUR MASKS LEFT ONLY IN THIS SUCH A GREAT PRICE! Feel free to ask me any questions. I will ship international via registered and tracked parcel and I accept PayPal.

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