Premium Nato 40mm Vacuum Sealed Nbc 381 Gas Mask Filter Fits Israeli Us New

$ 23

New Swedish 40mm NBC Gas Mask FilterCanister Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Protection New unissued 381 Swedish Army Gas Mask Filter. Vacuum sealed, screw on filtercanister.The NBC Filter Protects against knownBiological, Chemical and Nuclear agents The Swedish are world experts in NBC protection, possibly second to only the Israelis. Sweden and Israel are the only countries in the world who issue NBC protective gear to their citizens.Multiple military forces in Europe trust Swedish NBC gear to protect their troops. No other gas mask filter is as widely used by our European NATO allies than this NBC-381 filter from Sandstrum Safety.Features:True NBC Certified Filter Made to NATO SpecificationsNSN#: 4240-25-144-1531Works With Any 40mm Gas Mask - Israeli, US, and MoreFilters are Vacuum Sealed20 Year Shelf Life If Kept In Vacuum PackMade in 2002With governments increasingly not wanting to sell their defense equipment to civilians, this may be the last opportunity for us to purchase these filters at this price. Stock up now so when you need them youre prepared.

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