Roaring 20s Mafia Gangster Costume Tommy Gun Holder Violin Case

$ 7

Block Buster Clearance Ebay Item - New 14 Flag Search our Ebay Store About Us Customer Care Store Policies Monthly Specials eBay Store FAQ PRODUCT CONDITION: NEW IN PACKAGE Roaring 20s Mafia Gangster Costume Tommy Gun Holder Violin Case Our SKU Number : FN60775 Compared to retail price: $9.99 Brand new great value Roaring 20s Mafia Gangster Violin Case! Great finishing touch for any childs or adults Roaring 20s Mafia Gangster costume! Included in this posting: 14 gangster costume accessory tommy gun carrier violin case as featured Please note that only the items listed above are included. Approx 14! Brand new and directly from Rubies Costume Co! These great 14 gangster violin cases are a fantastic costume accessory for roaring 20s themes They are made from plastic and are a great add-on to any gangster themed costume, to hide your tommy gun - but of course they are a good costume item as an actual violin case too! Great on their own, even better with the other roaring 20s costumes and accessories available in our store! Great value - Great accessory - Great transaction! Stock photo courtesy of manufacturer Featured Items: Domestic Shipping 4-10 Business Days (Parcel Post) $4.99 International Shipping 3-6 Weeks (Global Parcel Post) $39.99 3-6 Business Days (Priority Post) $19.99 2-4 Weeks (Global Priority) $79.99 1-3 Business Days (Express Post) $49.99 Approx Weight: 0.74 lb Approx Size: 14 x 17 x 8 Copyright © 2008 Block Buster Clearance

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