Soviet Russian Cccp Military, Army, Gas Mask Gp-5. Only Mask Size Medium

$ 5

Soviet russian gas mask GP-5 Grey rubber mask. Brand , new Mask is new, never used, but with various color defects: Mask could be with various spots, sun marks or filthy. Each mask could look differently. Some of them have bigger yellow sun marks spots, some of them may have less stain. Size Medium Shipping to Australia : Economy shipping - 3.75$. Shipping time : from to 2 weeks up to 60 working days.Standart shipping with tracking information - 6.67$. Shipping time : from 2 weeks up to 45 working days. Shipping to United states, Canada, Europe, Asia, : Economy shipping to: United states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia - 3.75$. Shipping time : 7-31 working days or sometime more. Standart shipping with tracking information to: United states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia - 6.67$. Shipping time 7-21 working days or sometime more.SIZING For GP-5 gas mask 0y Xsmall: under 63.5cm 24.8 1y Small: 63.5cm - 65.5cm 24.8 - 25.6 2y Medium: 66cm - 68cm 25.98 - 26.77 3y Large: 68.5cm - 70.5cm 26.77 - 27.56 4y Xlarge: over 71cm 27.95

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