Survival Military Gas Mask Respirator Cbrn Nbc Deluxe Kit W Filter Hood Lot More

$ 175

Up for auction is a deluxe version of a popular gas mask kit that I have been selling for a while now. This is an awesome kit and contains many great accessories at an unbeatable price! All items are brand new, mask is still sealed in bag with filter. Mask uses standard 40mm NATO filters. Original Kit Included: 1 - Gas Mask, Korean Military Issue, K1, Size Medium, fits most 1 - Gas Mask Carrier, high quality nylon bag can be worn on side or as a drop leg pouch 1 - Gas Mask Waterproof Protective Bag 1 - Gas Mask NBCCBRN Chemical Hood 1 - Gas Mask Operators Manual 1 - Gas Mask Drinking System (Could only be used with difficult to find canteen adapters) 1 - Gas Mask Lens Defogger Cloth Added Features of Deluxe Kit Include All of Above PLUS: 1 - Upgraded Gas Mask Drinking System, can be used with the most common US Style Canteens and bladder systems MSRP $45.00 1 - Camelbak Gas Mask Conversion Kit (2 piece kit) MSRP $19.99 1 - Camelbak Gas Mask Type-M Adapter (works with upgraded drinking system) MSRP $19.99 1 - Advanced Skullcap Head Harness. This is the most comfortable head harness on the market and is being added in addition to the already installed harness. I would suggest replacing the one of the mask (even though it is high quality) with this one and using the other as a backup, or even better, buy additional ones of these in my other auctions, they really are great!! MSRP $30.00 1 - *Korean CBRN Filter, New, sealed with mask MSRP $40.00 This is truly an unbeatable deal!!!! Get them before they are gone or banned!!!! Free domestic shipping except for Alaska and Hawaii, additional charges may apply. Important Note: These are being sold as Military Surplus. These items new (old stock) but do not carry a factory warranty. Because they carry no factory warranty we cannot accept returns in the RARE event that an item might be damaged. (This has happened once out of several hundred masks sold). *NOTE: Included filter was reported by one ebay member to possibly contain Chromium, this was why the older C2 filters were removed from service and replaced with the C2A1 filters. I have had several other reports that these filters are fine and it was propaganda from a competitor. Either way, I do not know. I would suggest keeping the filter as a backup as its filtering capabilities are not altered either way. If you would prefer, this filter can be removed from the kit, but it will not be replaced or discounted as it is being added for free. Also included with each purchase: 1 FREE Pocket Constitution containing the original word for word Constitution Of The United States, The Declaration Of Independence and The Bill Of Rights. A MUST HAVE for EVERY American!! (Side note, please read: Weve been on ebay for over 10 years but unfortunately its looking like its about time to leave. Ebay has chosen to selectively enforce their policies with us and I cannot get anywhere over the phone with their customer service or by email so Im looking to you, fellow ebayers for help. We hit 10 years as of July 4th, 2014 and still maintain a 100% positive feedback. I intentionally chose the 4th of July because Im an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and was very patriotic and I noticed that the accounts opening date was able to be viewed by the public. Anyway, for over ten years now Ive been a good buyer and seller on ebay, always honest and shipping exactly what Im offering with no surprises, unless the surprise was for the better. Back in 2007 I had some issues with the government, those issues followed me wherever I went, including ebay. Multiple times the DoD, Department of Defense, contacted ebay to have my items removed. I went from having $5,000-$8,000 consistently in sales a month to $200 consistently a month on ebay because they remove so many of my items or they just appear to be hidden from searches. Recently another member was selling an item that we were also selling and he even undercut our prices while using our own copyrighted images. We reported the copyright violation three times and ebay did nothing, but they still continue to remove my gas mask items claiming somehow that they are involved in grenades and explosives... Enough is enough. Weve been working diligently to get our website up and running because it appears we have no future with ebay and we no longer want any part of it. So please, stand with us, contact ebay and ask them to leave us alone, and check out our website, because Ive had enough of being a slave to ebay...) Sorry, No International Shipping. Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Check out my other items!- P O L I C I E S - TERMS OF SALE NOTE: If any policies herein conflict with ebay policies, ebay policies will supersede my policies. These are my standard ‘terms of sale’ as many items, but not necessarily all, may require by law. By purchasing items, buyer agrees to these terms. Please note, ‘terms of sale’ are not applicable for items not requiring them by law. Buyer must be 18 years of age, a United States Citizen, not restricted from purchasingowning item(s) and must comply with ITAR export rules on all items controlled by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms). Payment: Payment must be received within 72 hours from time of purchase. Bid Retractions: Not permitted, unless done so within ebay’s policy standards. Please do not bid unless you are committed. SHIPPING Shipping Time: I like to receive my items fast, and I know you do too! I try to always ship items within one to two business days of receiving payment and that is usually what happens, but I am a one man operation and sometimes things happen that may delay shipment to three days or so. That is EXTREMELY RARE and one to two business days is about average, many times within 24hrs. Please note this shipping policy for feedback purposes as I do not guarantee same day shipping, so please do not expect it! If shipment is delayed beyond two days I will email you with updates. Mailing Address: Because I have often encountered contradicting mailing addresses on ebay and Paypal, I now ship to the address provided by ebay by default. So please make sure your ebay information is correct. Please do not leave additional notes during Paypal checkout because I will not receive them. Shipping ConfirmationTrackingInsurance: On orders under $100 I do not purchase shipping confirmation. If an item is lost in the mail, my receipt (which I will provide copy of if necessary) is proof of shipment. I cannot be responsible for what happens after the package leaves my possession. If you prefer shipping confirmation please let me know and the extra charge will be applied. I also do not purchase shipping insurance unless it is requested and paid for in addition. FEEDBACK Like many sellers I leave feedback after receiving it. I strive for 5 stars in all categories so if you are not satisfied with something, please contact me prior to leaving feedback. As for shipping time, please remember, 5 stars means that I shipped the item as per my stated policy, not the day you purchased it. I will leave positive feedback immediately after receiving it. I have many satisfied repeat customers and I’m always looking for more! :D I’m an honest seller, and I only want honest buyers to buy from me. I have received one negative feedback EVER and not even a single neutral other than that. This was from a buyer who completely scammed me. Immediately after paying for the item he demanded a 50% refund using feedback as leverage before the item even shipped!!! After the buyer extorted me for additional and more expensive items than the one purchased, he still left negative feedback!!! RETURNS Returns will only be accepted in extreme circumstances, such as wrong item shipped or item significantly not as described. I have never had a request for a return and I do not expect to (unless wrong item is accidentally shipped). I am extremely thorough and accurate with my item descriptions and in packaging. Mistakes can happen, but since opening my account in 2004, they haven’t yet (knock on imitation wood). Items sold AS IS, are just that, but they will be as described. Buyer MUST contact me within 48 hours of item being delivered. INTERNATIONAL SALES Many items that I sell may be controlled by special export provisions under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations). Even non-weapon items such as gas masks are widely controlled under ITAR. If the item description states “NO INTERNATIONAL SALES,” then this is the rule without exception. Any request for international sales of an item listed in this manner will not be responded to, nor will the question, “why not?” unless an error has been made in the description.

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